<![CDATA[ Ms. Cooksey - Blog]]>Sun, 29 Nov 2015 13:27:34 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[LinkedIn vs PWP]]>Sat, 20 Jun 2015 04:07:32 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/linkedin-vs-pwpThere is a variation of pros and cons of using and creating both of the Professional web sites, LinkedIn and PWP. When utilizing these websites people can connect or communicate on a personal or professional level.  The down side of these websites is you can be instantly judged by what you portray or put on your page/website. Overall both can be very beneficial to use and have an effective outcome. ]]><![CDATA[Statistical¬† Analysis]]>Wed, 17 Jun 2015 06:27:20 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/statistical-analysisThe sites that I visted in regards to statistical analysis was very helpful and informative. These sites gives you a list on the various statistical analysis programs along with the definitions of key features and words. I found this to be extremely beneficial for myself currently due to the fact that in one of my other course KIN 745, we are working on our statistical analysis project, which has been quite challenging.  It is nice to view or receive help from other sites that correlate to what you are to complete or currently work on. I was not aware of these various sites until they were introduced to me. The sports statistic page was quite interesting.Seemed simple enough to navigate through and read up on some information.

Overall being introduced to new concepts such as the statistical analysis progrograms, can be very beneficial in givinghelp with key projects and providing ideas.
<![CDATA[Professional Networking Strategies]]>Wed, 03 Jun 2015 03:33:31 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/professional-networking-strategiesProfessional networking is an effective way for professionals to connect and communicate in the social media world. It also allows professional profiles to be viewed instantly by companies along with the option of contacting the individual of that profile immediately. Creating a LinkedIn profile was quite new to me but I see why it could be of great use. My professional resume is easily seen and obtained online compared to physically walking into a business or company. I understand employees still like to meet who they are hiring but what better way is there to get to know a little about a person before meeting them than going onto a professional networking site. 

Another great feature about professional networking is being able to connect with other professionals and collaborate on ideas or strategies. From one professional to another , concepts and ideas are easily communicated. ]]>
<![CDATA[LinkedIn vs Facebook]]>Wed, 03 Jun 2015 02:13:55 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/linkedin-vs-facebookThe noticeable difference that I see between LinkedIn and Facebook is that LinkedIn seems to be more of a professional website than Facebook.  It portrays a professional design set up, whereas Facebook portrays more of a  general social networking site such as myspace. LinkedIn is a professional profile, Facebook is a unprofessional profile used to connect with friends, and family. Each site is can be very beneficial to use and provide a way for individuals or employers to learn about you.]]><![CDATA[Wearable Technology]]>Wed, 03 Jun 2015 01:57:18 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/wearable-technologyWearable technology has been a tool that has been very beneficial to society in general. I myself have some wearable technology. A down fall of wearable technology in coaching or teaching is that athletes/students, including myself, can become dependent on specific technology wearables. For example watches that track heart rates (BPM), can be monitored by taking the carotid or wrist pulse  but using the trackers is easier, therefore it can derail student/athletes from learning the original way of taking their heart rate. Another thing I have noticed is that it can greatly distract students or athletes from school work/practice. 

The benefits of utilizing wearable technology is that it produces quick, easy, and efficient results. It can motivate, quickly provide results for students, and trace/keep recored of work along with being easy to interpret. Another great feature of this technology is that most of it is durable and waterproof. 

Even though there are pros and cons to wearable technology, I greatly enjoy using the technology and utilizing it in either the classroom or coaching setting. How it is allowed to be used in the gym, or classroom determines outcome of student work/participation.
<![CDATA[App Impression]]>Wed, 03 Jun 2015 01:21:23 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/app-impressionWhen searching for various apps, I found that there are a few apps that are more beneficial on a phone or can only be accessed on a phone. Play Store is a good example. I have this  app on my phone and in this app anyone can easily download any app of their choice within the store. A second mobile app is "Map my Fitness". I believe it is more beneficial on a mobile device due to the fact that when you make and time your run, the gps is being used to inform an individual the distance that was ran. A 3rd mobile app that I find to be interesting, is one that all of my students use, which is called SnapChat along with another mobile app, in which I have used myself as, is Voxer. Voxer can only be used on a phone is away for individuals to leave and retrieve instant recorded messages to one another.

Apps can leave a positive impression on adults and teens, especially now that they can be easily accessed on mobile devices. Through apps individuals can track their fitness, communicate with friend/family, gain more knowledge on specific events or whatever may be of search. 
<![CDATA[My APP]]>Wed, 03 Jun 2015 01:00:00 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/my-appIf I was creating an app for my school team (track) I would want a variation of features added. For design, the colors would definitely be Purple and Black, due to that being school colors along with other creative designs added. Another feature that would be in the app is athlete workouts for sprints, distance, jumps, and throws along with the best performance marks and times. Athletes/non-athletes who use this app will be able to use workouts for themselves and try to meet or beat the marks. Individuals will be able to rate their workouts. They will be able to state if the workout was hard-moderate-easy. Within the app they can keep their stats and log how they complete each task.

Creating an app seems like a neat tool that would definitely be utilized by anyone. If I were to create an app I would lean towards a coaching, fitness, or P.E. app due to the fact that those are my main areas of interests and familiarity.  
<![CDATA[My first Movie Clip :) ]]>Sat, 30 May 2015 19:07:35 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/my-first-movie-clip
<![CDATA[Podcasts]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 04:23:12 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/podcastsUtilizing podcasts in web based sites in a classroom setting can be effective. Podcasts are simple and can assist in student learning. Students who are not too good at reading nor like to read will listen to a reading or lecture. Podcasts definitely provide lecture improvement along with obtaining and maintaining student engagement. Podcasts are created to meet student needs and provide and alternative way of learning. Another benefit of podcasts is that it can be accessed anywhere through a mobile device and learning does not have to be completed just in one location. 

Podcasts are beneficial to the educational system and will continue to be used as technology advances. There are many beneficial attributes that are entailed with podcasts and it allows instructors an alternative way in effectively communicating with there students.  ]]>
<![CDATA[100 Top Tools for Learning¬†]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 03:19:35 GMThttp://cbrittnie.weebly.com/blog/100-top-tools-for-learningWhen reviewing the list of the top 100 tools for learning I noticed that there are quite a few tools I use. This includes twitter, powerpoint, youtube, Facebook, noodle, word, Skype, scoop it, and iTunes. The list could go on. As I continue on in my career and education my progression in social media or use of technology increases. As a Physical Education teacher I will need to learn more about and utilize the advancing technology that continues to bloom. 

Through observation most of my students are well aware of the new technologies/learning tools and utilize them as they come about. If I am confused about any type of technology, tools for learning or social networks it is almost a guarantee that one of my students will know about it than I do. It is quite amazing on how fast they grasp the understanding on how to utilize the learning tools along with new technological advances. What takes me hours in trying to figure out, takes them minutes. 

 I am not surprised of so much of what I used is apart of the top 100 list. Many of the tools are very effective and beneficial to use. As time continues I am curious to see what else comes out in learning tools and technologies.